Our love for every single detail

of hospitality

A dream that comes true:
offering authentic experiences

“We all care about welcoming our customers with enthusiasm and attention,  making them feeling  home, protected and safe, either for a short but intense weekend or for a slightly longer holiday.

What always  distinguished us is  a strong desire to invest in

constant improvement of  services offered and of the structure, keeping up with  times and changes in  tourism sector, including those resulting from the need of even increased safety. Our mission has not changed:  satisfy the needs of our guests who choose us, placing them at the center of our work.

The goals are ambitious and the path is stimulating:  ​​accomplishing it by sharing it with all of you is our starting point!!”

– Barbara Amarotto –



The origins

Way back in 1973 Santino Amarotto, owner of a printing shop in Turin,  decided to stop breathing lead and inks and, being 57, and started a new professional adventure in Liguria taking over the management of  “La Pensione Liliana di Varigotti”.

From printed paper to hospitality

The whole family followed him, someone earlier and someone afterwards,  moving the Turin roots of “bogianen” by the sea. Wife Nele,  sons Sergio and Roberto with their respective wives Loredana and Angela and, a little later, his granddaughter Barbara, contributed to  consolidating the business.

The passion for hospitality

Liliana Hotel expanded by annexing the neighbor “Pensione Angelina”. Sergio split  from the conduction of the Hotel and began his career with his family as life gard and beach manager by purchasing Bagni Mariella, currently managed by the son Fabrizio with his own family.

A generations-long tradition

Since several years Barbara, mother of the young Agata, and  grandmother Loredana together  with efficient and wonderful  staff have definitely taken the lead of management, strongly motivated continuing the hotelier family tradition.


Typical Ligurian cuisine is served at the hotel restaurant.

Our chef will delight and whet your appetite with delicious dishes. The varied menu  offer attention both to quality of ingredients, for which we make use of the best local suppliers, and their seasonality. We want to promote local products, combining them with simplicity and love.

We do serve fish catched the same day: with particular emphasis on  typical recipes of the local culinary tradition, alternating  regional and Italian specialties, tasty, healthy and light.

To accompany the tasty dishes, you have the choice of a bottle  of several typical Ligurian wines, such as the renowned Pigato, Vermentino, Lumassina and Rossese and a choice of craft beers produced by the fine Finalese Brewery.

For those wishing to bring home the Ligurian flavors the pourchase of specialties can be booked in the hotel



Varigotti beach is one of the most beautiful and pictoresque beach in Liguria: Blue Flag for  crystal clear sea and for  respect of the criteria relating to sustainable management of the territory. Varigotti’s beach is one of the widest on the Riviera delle Palme and among the few in Liguria with fine sand and gravel, perfect for those who prefer long walks along the shore.

Our hotel has a partner beach for customers: Bagni Mariella, which can be reached on foot in a couple of minutes from the hotel. The beach is equipped with toys and facilities for children, where they can play without fear of danger. Those who do not like crowding and prefer tranquility, can stay in the shelter under extra size umbrellas or at the bar with outside tables enjoying the comfort of the beach even in the peak seasons.

For outdoor activities and sports holidays lovers, it is possible to practice all water sports: windsurfing, SUP and canoeing, available at Bagni Mariella, but also diving, surfing and sailing in the immediate proximity, with courses and excursions for all levels.



The formula of transparency guarantees the customer

Our “all inclusive” proposal represents one of the most appreciated features of the hotel for its completeness and transparency, which allows the customer to foresee his spending. The “all inclusive” rate, in addition to the reserved room, includes:

Breakfast buffet

Lunch buffet  with fresh seasonal vegetables, choice between hot and cold dishes, fruit or ice cream

Dinner served with a choice between two first courses and two second courses, a rich buffet of fresh seasonal vegetables and a delicious assortment of desserts

Drinks during meals
natural or sparkling microfiltered water

– white or red house wine in carafe

Beach services
Each room have an umbrella, a deckchair and a cot in the 2nd and 3rd row and shared cabins reserved for assigned parking area private parking until exhaustion of available spaces



We chose sustainability because we believe in the green deal and we want  actively participating  the fight against waste. In previous seasons we already started and we are constantly improving in  our actions, fulfilling the increasing  demand for eco-sustainable tourism. There are many small and  large actions we are carrying out, let’s discover them together:

elimination of plastic bottles with use of ultra-filtered water dispensers, guaranteed by Aquachiara, a leading company in the sector

– ecolabel products for cleaning and hygiene

– tablecloths and napkins of compostable paper

– attentive cuisine using 0 km products and promotion of the territory products of small farmers and artisans (beers, wine, oil, jams, fruit and vegetables)

recycling waste collection

– MTB and e-bike rental service for outdoor tourism with low environmental impact

… and others initiatives scheduled very soon!