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Varigotti Beach

Varigotti has one of the best and most attractive beaches in Liguria. This has been confirmed by several, well-deserved awards such as the Blue Flag for its crystal clear water and sustainable management.

The beach is one of the largest in the Riviera delle Palme and one of the few beaches in Liguria with fine sand and gravel, a real rarity given the rocky nature of the Ligurian coastline, making it perfect for long walks along the shore.
Our Hotel has a private beach for clients and conventions with the Bagni Mariella lido, a couple of minutes’ walk away.
The beach is fully equipped with children’s play areas, so parents can relax in the knowledge that their kids are safe to run about and have fun, without getting hurt or into danger.
If you don’t like crowds or just want some peace and quiet, stay in the shade of the extra-large umbrellas and enjoy the beach at its best even in the busiest part of high season.
Our hotel beach has a bar with a terrace where you can enjoy hot or cold food, and sip special cocktails served right to your umbrella, so you won’t miss a single minute of relaxation. We also host music events, barbecues and romantic dinners.

For outdoor and sporty types, our coastline offers the full range of water sports: Bagni Mariella offers windsurfing and canoeing, while diving, surfing and sailing are also available nearby, with courses and excursions for all levels.
Ask our experienced beach staff for advice and assistance.
Visit the Bagni Mariella website for more information