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Free Climbing

Climbing in Liguria

Liguria holds back nothing from its visitors and also offers many possibilities to climbing lovers.

Finale Ligure has many spots where you can climb and stay suspended in the air with a beautiful sea view, something you can only experience in Liguria. The unique features of the sea cliffs at Capo Noli have made them the most famous ones in Europe.

The territory of Finale Ligure is so rich and varied that you can experience some disciplines such as sport climbing and via ferrata (fixed-rope route) climbing on many different routes. You will be able to enjoy your favorite activities while enjoying the mild maritime climate without going to highmountains.

Sports associations and local mountain guides are always available to show you the most suitable areas and accompany you into organized excursions as well as provide guides and maps you can also find asking at the reception desk. In Finalborgo then there is absolutely no shortage of stores for sportswear and mountain climbing equipment.


Trekking in Liguria

Who does not know Liguria might not think that our region is suitable for hikes.
Thanks to the mild and sunny climate and a land full of paths and trails, sport-trekking or hiking lovers will be fully satisfied!

Walks and trails in Liguria and in Finale Ligure area unfold in a hinterland with lush nature and wonderful scenery. Trekking without losing the sight of the coast and the sea will make this experience unique!

In addition, it’s the perfect area for archeological trekking, speleology and cave explorations thanks to the richness of archeological sites and historical monuments.

Maps, guides and information leaflets are available or for sale at the Hotel.
On top of this, we provide contacts with various associations, shops and local guides where you can plan your daily trips.


Slipping on the waves

Our Riviera offers perfect conditions to learn how to windsurf.

At the private beach “Bagni Mariella”, located just two minutes walk in front of the hotel, they organise weekly theory and practice courses for beginners with maximum 3 participants. If you can already windsurf you can take private lessons and rent the post course equipment (RRD and BIC)

You’ll discover a new way to live your holiday …from offshore and not from the beach.

And your little ones from 4 to 6 years old can have fun safely with the “Windsurf - Game” .

Moreover, it’s possible to rent kayak and Sup and participate in short  excursions directly organized by the Windsurf school.