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Our History

The story begun in far 1973 when Santino Amarotto, owner of a typography in Turin, decided to stop breathing lead and ink vapours and start a new professional journey in Liguria. When he turned 57 he bought “La Pensione Liliana” in Varigotti.

The whole family gradually followed him and moved their Turin’s Bogianen roots* (TN. Bogianen: it’s a nickname referred to Piedmontese people) to the seaside. His wife Nele, his sons Sergio and Roberto with their respective wives Loredana and Angela and, a little later, his granddaughter Barbara contributed to strengthen the family’s accommodation facility.

Liliana Hotel expanded by annexing the neighboring “Pensione Angelina”. Then Sergio left the hotel management and with his family began a career as a lifeguard and owner of the bathing establishment “Bagni Mariella”, now run by his son Fabrizio and his family. Barbara, mother of the little Agatha, has taken up the reins of the hotel for some years now. She is strongly motivated to continue her family’s tradition together with the constant help of her grandmother Loredana and the efficiency of a wonderful and loyal staff.

We all eagerly care about our clients and it’s our pleasure to make all guests feel at home no matter how long your stay.

Our aim is to constantly improve the services we offer and be in step with the times by following all the developments of the tourist industry in order to satisfy all the different type of guests that will visit us.

Our goals are ambitious and the journey is compelling, our starting point is undertaking and sharing that journey with you!