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For kids and mums

We are a family hotel in Liguria and we give special attention to family needs. Thanks to our quiet location, just a few steps away from the sea, our hotel is highly recommended.

In order to better welcome our little guests and their parents we offer to you extra ideas, add-one and rooms created for “your little princes and princesses”.

Everything they need for their holiday is provided: high chairs, colored dishes, baby baths, safety side rails, camping cots (on request).

And for their “means of transportation”: “Exclusive parking” for strollers, kick scooters, small bikes and inflatable animals.

But the most important thing is play: we offer a toy room in the hotel and an fully equipped playground in our courtesy private beach. We also offer dedicated menu for kids and specific menus for the little ones, prepared following parents’ instructions; daytime and nighttime entertainment with workshops, games, fairy tales for little princesses and the mini superheroes.


And for the mums?

A whole room just for them, open 24 hours a day and when they feel tired we offer babysitting services upon payment (on request).

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming young and old with a smile in order to make you enjoy a family holiday that combines relaxation and fun near to the clear Ligurian sea.