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Slow and rosy up from the sea rises
the evening of Liguria, perdition
of loving hearts and far away things.
Vincenzo Cardarelli

What is there to say about Liguria?
It is difficult to really understand the beauty of this land if you haven’t seen it.

Those who choose to spend their holiday on the shores of Liguria are quick to discover the richness of our region.
The sea, the mountains, the walks, nature and unforgettable views alternate seamlessly in front of enchanted tourists.

You can go on an MTB ride in the morning, swim in crystal-clear waters of Varigotti in the afternoon and then walk along the characteristic streets of historic towns such as Borgio Verezzi and Finalborgo.

What are you waiting for? Get things organised and book your holiday in Liguria today!


Varigotti is a special place.
Quiet and relaxing, it is an ancient, historical town that has maintained its characteristics through time.
It is an administrative district of Finale Ligure on the Riviera delle Palme.

Here, natural beauty, tourist services and opportunities to do sports and relax balance each other in a way that satisfies the needs of both the national and international clientele perfectly.

Variogotti winds along one of Liguria’s most exclusive and beautiful beaches. Characterised by unique spots such as Saracen Bay and Malpasso Beach as well as the Saracen fishing village and mountain trails that skirt the sea towards the Church of San Lorenzo and the tower of the Punta Crena natural area.

To the east, lies Noli with its angler’s port, characteristic main street, diving sites and cliffs of Capo Noli. While to the west, lies Finale Ligure and its medieval hamlet Borgio Verezzi, composed of a low and a high (Verezzi) sections. From its mountainous perch it boasts an incredible view of the gulf. Besides the splendid Borgio Caves, it is also quite close to the famed Toirano Caves.

The town offers its guests a holiday in a natural setting that is difficult to find on other towns of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. It has healthy, clean sea with wide beaches awarded the Blue Flag by the FEE.

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Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure unites several special characteristics. It is a seaside town where history has left behind many artistic and cultural artifacts that have persisted from prehistory through the Medieval period and up to the present.

It is set on the western Ligurian Riviera between the promontories of Caprazoppa to the west and Capo Noli to the east.
It is composed of 3 main residential centres.
Finalmarina, cut by Lungomare delle Palme, or Promenade of the Palms, and dominated by Castelfranco, once a fortress, now a thriving centre of cultural activity.
Finalpia, with its 16th century Benedictine Abbey and associated cloister and apiary, which has preserved the original city layout.
Finalborgo, one of Italy’s most beautiful towns, surrounded by ancient 5th century walls and overlooked by the castles of Govone and San Giovanni.

The setting, along with a climate that is mild most of the year, make this zone one of the most beautiful gems of the Riviera, an ideal place to dive into a paradise of art, culture, sport and nature.

The town’s unique setting, on the shores of the Liguria’s sea (Golfo delle Balene, or Gulf of the Whales) but also at the foot of the mountains, has seen itself referred to as the mountain by the sea and the sea in the mountains

Riviera delle Palme

Those staying at Hotel Liliana in Varigotti cannot but remain enchanted by Riviera delle Palme.
This section of the Riviera di Ponente coast, stretching between the towns of Varazze and Andora, is one of the most picturesque areas of the region.

The Riviera has many characteristics: its wide beaches that line a crystal-clear sea, a coast rich in natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor activities, as well as numerous historical towns and villages full of antient splendour, such as Finale Ligure, Varigotti, Borgio Verezzi and Noli.

We are certain that Riviera delle Palme will remain forever a splendid memory of your holiday by the Ligurian sea!


Savona is a charming city along the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, rich in history and natural beauty. It is a port city, rich in history, with architectural and artistic heritage that is closely linked to the history of the wealthy Della Rovere family (two members of which actually became Popes).

The medieval centre has the most tourist appeal.
Just a short distance from the port, the eye is drawn to the Priamar Fortress, dating back to the 16th century, and a series of towers that are a must for any ancient sea fortress: the “Toretta”, also called the Leon Pancaldo Tower, Brandale Tower, in the heart of the city centre, and the Corsi, Guarnero and Pancalda towers. 

The city’s rich heritage of churches is also worth a note. Some that stand out are the Sistine Chapel, named after Pope Sixtus and the only one to bear the same name as the famous chapel in Rome, and Cathedral of the Assumption.
Between the ancient churches, historical buildings and works such as Palazzo delle Piane, a masterpiece of the Italian Liberty style, no tourist will remain unsatisfied.

Finally, Savona is also a modern city with a good selection of shops, restaurants and bars.