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Bike Hotel

The village of Varigotti is a small and pretty hamlet of the better known Finale Ligure. Foreign and Italian Mountain bike lovers know very well the popular and panoramic trail called “DH Men” that goes from The Manie upland and arrives near the small Saracen hamlet.

Our bike Hotel belongs to the Bike Hotels group of Finale Ligure that aims to enhance our territory, which is characterized by a wonderful sea as well as the amazing hinterland with different and fun tracks where you can ride your bike.

Here you will find a perfect balance between an active holiday and relaxing moments. Enjoy riding your bicycle around the region or be rocked by the noise and the perfume of the sea.

Bike Hotel provides specific services to bike lovers: Mountain- bikes, e-bikes or racing bikes take special care to better organize your perfect stay. We offer a rich breakfast buffet for an invigorating start to the day, micro filtered water to fill your water bottles, meeting with MTB guides of Finale Ligure on site for a first introduction, books and maps to consult in order to deepen your knowledge of the different and numerous tracks; We also organise excursions with expert guides, e-bike rentals to discover a new sustainable way to explore our wonderful territory and many other services will welcome you here to Hotel Liliana.